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In our last blog post, we talked about the importance of a strong, proven methodology when undertaking a data center relocation. At ASG, we’ve developed our Structured Data Collection Methodology to effectively relocate data centers without endangering business-critical data and applications. There are four phases involved in our approach, and in this blog we’ll discuss the first two – discovery/data collection and analysis/design.

Discovery and Design

Because your data center is essential to the success of your enterprise, we begin with a comprehensive review and survey of your data center. This preliminary survey includes an exhaustive inventory of your software and hardware, servers, and storage and networking equipment. We also schedule kick-off meetings and interview key personnel in your company to fully identify both your technical and business requirements. Once our technical experts determine the key services your data center provides, they establish and analyze the business priorities, planning, and budgeting constraints of your data center relocation.

To complete this phase, our technical experts compile their findings into a comprehensive document detailing all your data center information, which you can archive for future analysis and reference.

Analysis and Design

Every data center move presents risks, and any interruption to your business could ultimately affect your bottom line. Accordingly, our methodology always includes thorough analysis and documentation of the impact on your business. At this stage, our technical experts analyze the information they collected to prioritize business services, establish downtime if necessary, and determine the hardware, application, and technology requirements for a non-disruptive move. Our technical experts also define and analyze potential risks and prepare contingency plans to mitigate possible problems.

Then our technical experts architect several migration options, and you select the comprehensive solution that best address your particular business and technical requirements.

Data center relocations and migrations always pose a serious threat of disruptions or data loss that can jeopardize your crucial business operations. If you’re serious about your business, then disruptions and data loss are unacceptable risks. Whether you’re making a cold move of your existing equipment, a hot move of existing equipment, or a hot move to new equipment, following a proven methodology can give you peace of mind.

Our next blog post will explore the final two phases of our Structured Data Collection Methodology – planning/risk management and the complete implementation. 

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Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist

Throughout his twenty-five year career, Dustin Smith has specialized in designing enterprise architectural solutions. As the Chief Technologist at ASG, Dustin uses his advanced understanding of cloud compute models to help customers develop and align their cloud strategies with their business objectives. His master-level engineering knowledge spans storage, systems, and networking.