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Data and network breaches continue to make headlines, and there’s no end in sight. In fact, with BYOD (bring your own device) becoming more common, and mobile devices beginning to overtake PCs in sales, data will continue to be exposed to unintended audiences. In 2011, mobile phone losses alone in the US accounted for $30 billion. Add to that amount the number of lost tablets, and you can see that mobile devices in general can expose an organization to computer network security nightmares.

We often blog on shifts in computer network security, so we thought it might be a good idea to compile some posts we think can help you protect your organization.

The first place to start is by reading our Eight Step Computer Network Security Assessment blog, which provides some best practices to follow when assessing your current security landscape. Understanding your current security vulnerabilities, how your network interacts with outside parties, and how your employees are connecting to your network is the first step in building your security solution.

Another good blog to check out would be from Chris Roberts’ keynote speech at INTERFACE a while back. Chris heads One World Labs, one of our computer network security partners. In his speech, he discusses the exposure of data in the cloud. Chances are you’re using some form of cloud computing currently, so understanding its role in your organization is also paramount.

And finally, with the addition of BYOD, you need to start thinking of a mobile device management (MDM) plan to include in your computer network security policies. Controlling these devices is going to become more important as PCs become legacy.

Heading into the holidays, it’s time to think about your network security plan for 2013 and beyond. Protect your company and data!

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