BlogCheck Point Sandblast NOW: Don’t Leave Home Without It…

I recently got a chance to review Check Point’s Sandblast NOW appliance. And boy does it deliver. It provides instant cyber protection for any environment as it is an appliance that sits alongside your current firewall solution. This allows anyone to easily augment their environment with its hassle-free deployment and instantly get today’s best zero-day security protection. It’s truly the threat prevention easy button.

Check Point Sandblast NOW: Don’t Leave Home Without It…

Connect the device to the network. That’s it! Everything else happens automatically. The device automatically registers on SandBlast NOW Cloud and updates itself with the up to the second threat intelligence (daily inputs from traffic across 150,000 security gateways worldwide) and immediately starts providing cybersecurity protection.

This network security solution is truly magic in the cloud. Through its cloud-powered analytics, you instantly get zero-day anomaly detection including CPU-level malware detection that detects any evasion code before it can be executed. It also sports an evasion-resistant sandbox and sanitized file delivery for zero-day threats and context-aware file inspection.

Question: Do you know how big Check Point’s IT security team is? Six! Considering that probably has one of the biggest bullseye on their back in the whole Internet, that is an amazingly low number.

They can do that because Check Point products consistently achieve the highest security effectiveness score in NSS Labs Breach Prevention Systems group tests. Highlights of the results include 98.4% overall security effectiveness with a 100% block rate and 0% false positives.

But wait, there’s more.

The Sandblast NOW appliance also provides post-infection anti-bot technology that identifies any bot-infected machines in the network and then it neutralizes the threat by preventing any bot communication.

What I like the best about Sandblast NOW is you can see what’s happening on your network with web-based visualization. It tells you which applications are running and how risky they are, deep-dive log and packet analysis for full cyber investigation including detailed summary reports for management visibility.

Executive Summary: Check Point Sandblast NOW

Available for any customer for on-site demos and trials, ASG will gladly let you try out our Sandblast NOW appliance.

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Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

Mark Teter, Corporate Technologist

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