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As social distancing practices become more common here in the US, organizations are looking for ways to support their employees while ensuring business continuity. One way we’re seeing this play out is companies providing employees more options to work remote.

One major consideration that organizations need to prepare for when managing a remote workforce is data and network security. Whether using their own devices (BYOD) or corporate-owned systems, mobile and endpoint security solutions to protect company assets outside of the network perimeter become front-and-center! And, one solution we particularly like for this endeavor is Check Point SandBlast Mobile.

SandBlast Mobile provides enterprise-grade security for mobile devices that are accessing sensitive corporate data by protecting them from malicious apps, OS and device-based risks, and network-based attacks. Check Point’s Behavioral Risk Engine (BRE) uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), along with sandboxing, advanced static code flow analysis, anomaly detection, and app reputation to mitigate risk. Real-time assessments of mobile devices help reduce the attack surface and detect vulnerabilities, changes in configurations, as well as advanced rooting and jailbreaking.

SandBlast Mobile delivers a broad range of network security capabilities to mobile devices, including:

  • Anti-Phishing with Zero-Phishing – protection from known and unknown zero-day phishing sites, even those that employ SSL
  • Safe Browsing – blocks traffic to malicious sites, and leverages Check Point ThreatCloud for dynamic security intelligence
  • Conditional Access – blocks infected devices from access sensitive corporate adata
  • Anti-Bot – detects bot-infected devices and automatically blocks them
  • URL Filtering – allows the blacklisting and whitelisting of websites for corporate control to websites
  • Wi-Fi Network Security – detects malicious behavior and Man-in-the-Middle attacks

The nice thing about SandBlast Mobile is that it supports multiple remote workforce computing frameworks, including BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device), and integrates with any mobile management solution, including UEM, EMM, and MDM). This means it’s highly scalable, efficient, and very flexible.

Organizations looking to bolster their business continuity efforts in the face of Coronavirus and the need for remote workforce management can rely on Check Point’s SandBlast Mobile for support. You can check out SandBlast Mobile in our iLab today.

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Tom Whitcomb

Tom Whitcomb

For over 15 years, Tom has architected and engineered many cutting-edge technology solutions for global businesses. His experience spans a variety of industries including Internet, cloud computing, financial services, commercial, and healthcare. Tom specializes in high availability architectures, cloud and datacenter designs, security and compliancy, and has led many engineering teams to numerous accomplishments. In 2013, Tom was a Denver Business Journal award winner for his accomplishments in designing and building an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform to service customers around the world.