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As the demand for data storage increases, it’s becoming evident that traditional storage methods are failing to keep up. With unstructured data in particular, object storage is becoming a go-to solution and a number of our partners are helping us meet client demand.

In a past blog, we highlighted seven ways that the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) delivers the benefits of object storage, we shared some IDC insights into why IDC designated Hitachi a Leader in this space. To recap, HCP offers:

  • A successful track record for over 10 years
  • Hardware and software enhancements
  • Visibility and control of digital assets in private, hybrid or public cloud configurations
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Enhanced workforce productivity
  • A singular platform for backup and archival, data mobility, cloud and big data storage
  • Compliance with stringent regulatory and governance standards

In addition to Hitachi, we have strong, strategic partnerships with Cloudian and IBM (Cleversafe). IDC designates Cloudian as a Major Player in the object storage space and highlights its hybrid cloud storage capability as one key differentiator. As IDC states,

[Cloudian] not only offers full S3 API compatibility but can also tier data to Amazon S3, Google GCP, or Amazon S3–compatible public clouds. This enables customers to gain instant access to all of the tools and features offered within the AWS ecosystem and allows for customers to blend the use of private cloud storage with public cloud storage resources.

The IDC report also designates IBM as a Leader in the object storage market. With the Cleversafe acquisition in 2015, IBM’s object storage solution is also a strong one. The key differentiator for IBM is Cleversafe’s track record of numerous petabyte scale deployments—many exceeding 100PB plus. This experience, in combination with IBM’s deep technology product offerings, help deliver the object storage promise of extreme scalability, reliability, and affordability.

These industry-leading solutions help us deliver object storage platforms that can meet the unique needs of almost any client. For more information on object storage and how it might benefit your organization, be sure to check out our recent blog – Understanding Object Storage: A Three-Part Video Tech Talk.

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