Blog‘AppMap’ and the Five Benefits it Delivers to Businesses and IT


Application mapping, or AppMap as we call it, is an ASG consulting services engagement that identifies, documents, and analyzes critical business services and applications—as well as their infrastructure dependencies—and then systemically evaluates them against your business requirements.

This business-technology alignment is an essential component in creating application service models. It shows the relationships between the applications and the underlying IT infrastructure that’s supporting the business services. The challenges in developing business-technology alignment is dealing with the complexity of multi-tiered applications, the myriad legacy and ancillary support processes, and the continuous nature of change in the IT infrastructure. The benefits, however, are substantial.

  1. Financial Justifications – With AppMap, IT can apply a financial justification to its application portfolio to assess the long-term viability of supporting an application. IT can finally see the hardware, software, support costs, and personnel requirements that contribute to the overall cost of an application.
  2. Cost Controls – AppMap also identifies ghost or rogue applications. IT often has no inventory or documented value of these typically unsupported and/or home-grown applications, which are still critical to the business application services.
  3. Roadmap Assistance – An AppMap engagement helps IT evaluate all its current technologies and applications as they relate to the company’s long term roadmap and supplier support. This will provide IT with end-of-life and final vendor support dates for the technology stack and identify any migration paths for new versions of the technology.
  4. Risk Identification – Identifying the risk to IT in terms of applications, technology, support, and expertise is an important element to business-technology alignment. It’s essential to have a good understanding of whether or not the current technology stack provides the required agility to support new business models. AppMap will also help identify any risk in hiring new staff to support or maintain the IT business enterprise.
  5. Asset Valuation –AppMap provides a complete inventory of equipment involved in service delivery, and IT departments that manage their assets according to business process and profit alignment demonstrate a high level of IT maturity.

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Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith, Chief Technologist

Throughout his twenty-five year career, Dustin Smith has specialized in designing enterprise architectural solutions. As the Chief Technologist at ASG, Dustin uses his advanced understanding of cloud compute models to help customers develop and align their cloud strategies with their business objectives. His master-level engineering knowledge spans storage, systems, and networking.