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Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Organizational Benefits and Industry Performers

Today, unstructured data accounts for 90 percent of a given company’s data, and it also grows at a much faster rate. Unlike structured data, unstructured data isn’t found in relational databases—it includes social media content such as Tweets and Facebook posts, photos and images that are tagged with Metadata, IT logs, and other consumer information.

While unstructured data is difficult to access and analyze with standard data tools, it can help organizations identify competitive advantages. For example, it can provide corporate teams with consumer sentiment and other deeper information sets that can differentiate one product strategy from another.

So how do you access this Big Data? Our partner Nutanix can deliver the hyperconverged infrastructure along with the tools to do just that. They’ve incorporated and customized several open-source algorithms, including MapReduce (distributes tasks uniformly across the cluster), ZooKeeper (keeps track of Nutanix cluster configuration information), and Cassandra (used as the Metadata store). As a result, the Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) delivers the next-generation hyperconvergence necessary to capitalize on today’s Big Data.

A recent eBook from Nutanix – The Definitive Guide to Big Data on Hyperconverged Infrastructure – does a great job of breaking down the process of taking advantage of Big Data and the infrastructure needed to do that. Here’s how Nutanix describes its AHV:

AHV was built from the ground up to provide a much simpler and more scalable hypervisor and associated management platform by leveraging the software intelligence of the hyperconverged architecture. AHV changes the core building block of the virtualized big data application from the hypervisor to the application. It liberates virtualization from the domain of specialists, making it easier to deploy for big data applications. AHV is perfect for big data applications operated by nontraditional IT teams such as security teams. Nutanix provides an all-in-one compliance system without the need to share storage, compute, virtualization space, or licenses with other teams

Check out the eBook for some great insights!


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