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9 Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Object Storage Solution

Replacing traditional storage systems with an object storage solution is fast becoming mainstream. It’s much easier to deploy, costs less to maintain, and scales without limiting data accessibility – something imperative in today’s unstructured, data-intensive environments.

IDC has designated Cloudian as a “Major Player” in the object storage space and highlights its hybrid cloud storage capability as one key differentiator. Since this designation, Cloudian has doubled its customer base, while increasing its repeat customer revenue by five times, further establishing itself in this growing space.

In a recent whitepaper – Cloudian HyperStore: Customer Insights and Best Practices – IDC paints a strong picture for Cloudian’s object storage solution (HyperStore) and shares some poignant recommendations and advice for buyers that are worth sharing. Here are nine questions IDC recommends buyers ask before making any investments in storage technology infrastructure:

  1. Analyze how your business has changed in the past few years and ask yourself how it will change further over the next two years? This will help set and define the type of infrastructure needs you’ll need to consider.
  2. What do you think your requirements will be for today and tomorrow when it comes to storage?
  3. Which features are must-haves and therefore deal breakers (e.g. – encryption)?
  4. Do you need a solution with native file system capabilities on object-based storage?
  5. Do you need support for flash for improved performance?
  6. What license schemes are available that best suit the needs of your organization?
  7. What level of insights would you like to see in terms of application and resource utilization and management?
  8. Have you asked the vendor for point of concept and customer references for ease of use and best practices?
  9. Have you researched the vendor’s commitment to technology development, maintenance, and support as well as go-to-market strategy and financial stability?

Before making investments in any emerging technologies, you can utilize our iLab Services. Our iLab offers you an enterprise-grade infrastructure where you can evaluate object storage solutions in a practical setting to see how they address your challenges. It’s a great way to make informed decisions.

We also recommend you watch a three-part video tech talk on object storage that is worth a look if you’re starting to explore the technology. Video One covers a basic background on object storage – what it is and how the underlying technologies make it work. Video Two gets into the details and how object storage benefits an organization and the IT environment. The final video shares some use cases of object storage.

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