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The FlexPod converged infrastructure solution portfolio—developed jointly by Cisco and NetApp—just turned five years old. To celebrate, NetApp published a report with nine FlexPod proof points that highlight its advantages.

As a FlexPod Premium Partner, we’ve seen first-hand the many benefits it delivers to SMBs and enterprises, and we thought these proof points were worth sharing:

  1. 20x reduction in latency over traditional disk. A FlexPod configuration with NetApp all-flash storage can be configured with fewer servers, fewer storage devices, and fewer network connection points and still deliver superior database performance.
  2. 208% faster SQL server response time. FlexPod configured with a relatively small amount of storage flash can contribute a significant performance boost.
  3. 100+ world record benchmarks. Big data requires big performance, and FlexPod validated designs for Hadoop give businesses the ability to meet tight SLAs around data performance while reducing the risk of deploying new applications.
  4. 83% faster provisioning with ACI. FlexPod is the first converged infrastructure solution to support Cisco ACI and has several validated designs that provide a predesigned data center architecture that incorporates Cisco ACI.
  5. 20% to 30% reduction in application testing time. Testing at scale is consistent, fast, and reliable, and test no longer need to be extended or repeated.
  6. 70% of engineering time reclaimed. Symantec was able to reclaim 27,000 weeks of engineering time that can now focus on customer satisfaction issues rather than provisioning lab environments.
  7. 76% ROI is just 17 months. The unified, embedded management of FlexPod components allowed Forrester Consulting to manage dozens of resources with less operational overhead.
  8. Free storage controller update. FlexPod users can reduce costs and take advantage of the latest technology without disruption to business.
  9. Performance of flash at the price of disk. Very few storage arrays other than FlexPod are supporting the new class of high-capacity SSD devices.

For details surrounding these proof points, download the NetApp report – FlexPod Advantage: Performance, Agility, Economics (PDF).

As a Premium Status partner, we provide:

  • Access to the FlexPod Solution in our in-house technology laboratory  (we call it our iLab) for benchmarking and proof of concept
  • Access to the FlexPod PDI (Plan, Design, Implement) Help Desk
  • Access to the collaborative Professional Services Technical Consulting Accelerator (TCA)

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