Blog7 Benefits for Healthcare Organizations Considering FlexPod Datacenter


Healthcare provider organizations today remain under pressure to maximize the benefits of their substantial investments in the industry-leading Epic electronic health records (EHRs). Fortunately, FlexPod Datacenter is now validated for Epic EHR workloads, helping healthcare workers realize the benefits of the cloud for their high-performance data needs.

As a mission-critical application, Epic has very stringent server and storage infrastructure requirements. Epic users with aging legacy RISC-based infrastructures ready for a refresh can now benefit from FlexPod Datacenter with Epic, which increases IT agility, provides seamless scalability, and reduces the cost and complexity of Epic data center operations.

Here are the top benefits that healthcare organizations can realize with FlexPod Datacenter with Epic:

  1. Accommodate clinical data growth. Like most companies, healthcare organizations see Big Data as a reason for concern. But with FlexPod, they can dynamically scale virtual machine, service, and storage capacity on demand without the traditional constraints and limits of growth.
  2. Improve and enhance efficiency. With FlexPod, healthcare organizations can reduce administration time and TCO by up to 50 percent with a converged virtual infrastructure that is easier to manage and stores data more efficiently.
  3. Minimize and reduce risk. Healthcare organizations can minimize business disruption by using a pre-validated platform built on a defined architecture, eliminating deployment challenges.
  4. Multi-tenancy. FlexPod supports the increased needs of virtualized server environments, providing secure multi-tenancy and quality of service (QoS).
  5. Resource optimization. FlexPod helps reduce server counts while boosting utilization and performance.
  6. Improve agility. FlexPod can reduce complexity and costs, providing healthcare organizations greater agility to provision new database replications and environments. This can help them support new initiatives such as population health management.
  7. Increase productivity. FlexPod can be deployed quickly and can speed Epic applications, reducing log-in times and system response times.

NetApp has some nice resources geared toward healthcare organizations that are using Epic and are interested in FlexPod. Of course we have IT consultants that can address a host of needs as well; don’t hesitate to reach out!

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