Blog5 Ways the NetApp-SolidFire All-Flash Solution Delivers Data Center Benefits


The NetApp – SolidFire deal has officially closed, and with the addition of SolidFire, NetApp is now the only storage vendor that can deliver leading flash solutions across all major data center deployment models: standalone applications, virtualized applications, and cloud infrastructure. As IDC reports:

NetApp’s storage strategy, unveiled with the SolidFire acquisition announcement, is that the company will offer three platforms — the EF-Series for dedicated application deployment, the NetApp AFF for mixed enterprise workloads, and the SolidFire product for Web-scale deployments — and let customers choose the platform that they feel best meets their requirements.

Regardless of platform, the new NetApp flash portfolio helps deliver one of the broadest range of infrastructure needs and helps support the widest number of use cases for the five transformative requirements needed for the next generation data center.

  1. Scale-out. Add capacity and performance for new business needs by:
    • Deploying 10s of Terabytes to multiple Petabytes of storage
    • Scaling without disruption, downtime, or data migrations
    • Seamlessly mixing nodes in the same cluster
  2. Guaranteed performance. Control utilization and performance independent of capacity by:
    • Guaranteeing performance to every application volume
    • Managing performance in real time
    • Gaining granular performance control with QoS settings
  3. Automated management. Respond to changing business needs with simple on-the-fly adjustments, such as:
    • Provisioning instantly and balance loads automatically
    • Automating any storage task with a comprehensive API
    • Upgrading regularly and without disruption
  4. Data assurance. Self-healing data protection allows you to:
    • Ensure data and performance availability regardless of system condition or application activity
    • Safeguard data with strong, 256-bit encryption
    • Protect data thanks to real-time replication and integrated backup/recovery
  5. Global efficiencies. Always-on deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning reduces storage, space and power costs, allowing you to:
    • Increase effective memory utilization with inline compression
    • Distribute data automatically
    • Eliminate performance impact as data is written

The combination of NetApp and SolidFire future­ proofs your flash portfolio. We can now deliver customers with the broadest array of all-­flash solutions in the industry. We can also offer unrivaled speed, scale, and data services for today’s and tomorrow’s rapidly evolving data center requirements.

Stay tuned for more details on NetApp and our other partner all-flash solutions as this space begins to heat up!

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