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Speed, agility, and efficiency when handling data are all critical in today’s digital economy. Fortunately, we’re blessed with partners that help us provide this IT agility, and Hitachi Vantara is one of them.

Hitachi Vantara’s All-Flash solutions delivers consistent performance along with efficient data and storage management that allow us to offer them with confidence. Here are five advantages that Hitachi Vantara All-Flash solutions deliver.

  1. Improve the scalability necessary for growth. While a flash array can help you correct and adjust for performance issues, not all are treated the same. The Hitachi All-Flash solution scales over time eliminating silos of information. They can also virtualize your existing all-flash products, eliminating wasted capacity with a pool of all-flash storage.
  2. Maximize your data reduction technology. Often, the processing power to maximize data efficiencies takes away from the system’s ability to move data quickly. With the Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F series, you’ll be able to adaptively manage your data reduction, eliminating bottlenecks that some all-flash reduction technologies experience.
  3. Consolidate multiple workloads. As Hitachi states, “Our VSP F series and VSP G series can consolidate applications with block, file and object data on the same system. All of these models also include quality of service (QoS) controls, which protect against latency spikes by managing access priority across all applications. These controls ensure consistent performance for the most demanding applications.”
  4. Reduce disruption for optimal performance. Hitachi provides a 100% data availability guarantee, and helps to reduce disruption that leads to better productivity, faster performance, and more uptime. They can also deliver nondisruptive data migrations, active-active clusters, and zero recovery point and time objective failovers (RPOs and RTOs).
  5. Achieve consistent long-term performance. With most all-flash solutions, once they max out their capacity and overwrite, performance suffers. Hitachi All-Flash solutions come with some innovative solutions that help them stand out. As they state: From patented innovations in Hitachi Accelerated Flash to selectable data services, we have solutions to meet your specific application requirements. We also offer ecosystem-monitoring tools that analyze and determine hot spots to proactively identify and resolve issues that can affect performance before it happens.

Staying competitive and leveraging today’s digital economy requires solutions that help you maximize your data capabilities. Hitachi Vantara All-Flash solutions can help organizations achieve this success. For more information on Hitachi Vantara All-Flash solutions, you can visit their website or download the Gartner Magic Quadrant report on solid state arrays, where they are positioned as a leader.

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