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Delivering Built-In Security for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Today, companies are increasingly asking their CIOs to transform their IT departments into more agile and flexible organizations that can capitalize on new technologies.

To help these overextended CIOs, our partner NetApp has just announced an enterprise-scale hyperconverged infrastructure solution—NetApp HCI—that can transform IT organizations while driving operational efficiencies and reducing costs.

The new NetApp HCI datasheet highlights four benefits in particular, summarized here:

  1. Deploying all your applications with confidence. With the proliferation of applications across enterprises today, it’s exceedingly difficult to deliver predictable performance. Balancing the needs of core applications like VDI with others is a challenge, but NetApp HCI gives IT the ability to control each application individually with their unique quality of service (QoS) limits. Eliminating application interference ensures that they all perform as designed.
  2. Scaling on your terms. NetApp HCI allows you to scale compute and storage resources independently (without fixed resource ratios), which eliminates over-provisioning. NetApp calls this over-provisioning an “HCI tax” which they’ve pegged at 10 to 30%—a significant savings!
  3. Transforming IT operations. The NetApp Deployment Engine (NDE) eliminates the majority of steps to deploy infrastructure and automates routine tasks that tend to occupy IT time. This helps free IT personnel to better focus on higher value tasks that the business demands. Additional APIs also help enable integration into higher-level management, orchestration, backup, and disaster recovery tools.
  4. Unleashing the power of data. The NetApp Data Fabric provides enhanced data portability across platforms (onsite, public, hybrid cloud), visibility, and protection—giving enterprises the ability to take advantage of large stores of data for competitive advantage.

Running on innovative SolidFire technology and delivered on a NetApp designed architecture, NetApp HCI also integrates with and supports:

  • NetApp SolidFire Element OS
  • Intuitive Deployment Engine
  • Robust Monitoring Agent
  • NetApp SolidFire vCenter Plugin
  • NetApp SolidFire Management Node
  • VMware ESXi and vCenter v6
  • NetApp Data Fabric

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Dan Setzke

Dan Setzke, Strategic Alliance Manager

Dan Setzke is a Strategic Alliance Manager at ASG and our resident expert for NetApp, Cisco, VMware, and FlexPod solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Dan provides our team with high-level technical, sales, pricing, and configuration support.