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Enabling data center optimization and innovation that allows business to perform at the highest level

We provide enterprise technology solutions backed by a proven, highly consultative methodology. Our offerings include customized hardware/software solutions and professional IT services that help our clients keep pace with business growth, provide next-generation ease of management, and integrate advantageous technologies as they emerge.

Simply put, SDDC decouples your services from your hardware. You no longer need to manually apply complex configurations to proprietary hardware solutions to drive your IT.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) offers you a better approach to deploy, manage, secure, and scale networks. SDN is a software layer that provides centralized control of your network and all the devices within it.

Because virtualization software abstracts your compute, networking, and storage into pools of resources, you achieve more efficient use of your physical hardware.

Object storage platforms provide better data protection by distributing copies of their data across two or more locations—including cloud-based storage.

We specialize in helping you choose the best cloud implementation for your needs and identifying the use cases that will deliver the highest return on your investment.

We partner with the leading IT OEMs to provide the most comprehensive, vendor neutral solutions for our clients.


"We always feel taken care of by ASG"

“We always feel taken care of by ASG, never pressured or sold. It’s more of a consultative nurturing. If we make a decision, we’re going to work with it a long time. They’re really smart people who we see as our trusted advisors. This is one of those business relationships where we genuinely like the people at ASG—they mesh with who we are.

I know for the smaller guy cost is always a big consideration, but I think you have to factor in the value of having somebody present you with options instead of having to know what you want or need. We can go in with our problem and trust they’ll provide us with viable options.”