Working at ASG

Find out what our company has to offer beyond its competitive salary and benefit packages! Here’s why so many accomplished IT professionals have joined our team.

Work-Life Balance

In our family-first environment, we encourage our employees to complete their work during office hours, so they can better enjoy their time at home. We do whatever we can to help our employees balance work and life responsibilities—that’s why we accommodate personal schedules, support our employees’ individual growth, and promote life outside the office.

Integrated Sales Teams

Each of our integrated sales teams includes an account executive, an engineer, a customer service representative, a product specialist, and a maintenance specialist. We also employ a skilled group of post-sales engineers, subject matter experts, and proposal writers. Ultimately, we’re large enough to supply our sales teams with an extended and dedicated support staff, but still small enough to maintain our competitive agility.

Fun Atmosphere

At ASG, we’ll use just about any excuse to have a barbeque, a cook-off, or a party. It’s all just part of our casual, relaxed atmosphere. Barely a month passes without a golf tournament or an event in one of our offices. We’re also proud of our physically active staff—from the executive team down, our employees regularly golf, ski/snowboard, hike, cycle, mountain bike, or climb.


ASG offers its employees independence and autonomy, which means the work they do is largely self-directed. Everyone’s role is clearly defined, but it’s not uncommon for someone to add responsibilities if he or she identifies an opportunity. ASG wants all its employees to share their ideas and feel that their contributions are valued. 


Our employees tend to stick around. In fact, last year the average length of employment reached an impressive 8.75 years! With so much knowledge and experience, we’re honored to say we have one of the most efficient and effective teams in the industry.


We hired 14% of our current workforce within the last year. Join our team of skilled professionals! Check out the current openings at ASG.

To learn more about our corporate culture, contact our Resource Manager, Rebecca Klasson, at