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Advanced Systems Group (ASG) can help you choose the right technologies for your business needs and your budget

Since the IT decisions you make today stand to impact your company for years to come, you need to make certain your IT needs align with your business goals.

With the move toward software-driven systems, your IT department can become much more streamlined, secure, and cost effective. Yet, it’s challenging to keep up with emerging technologies when you have a business to run and fires to put out.

Where do you turn to make the best choices for your needs? After all, big vendors don’t run the show any more, and smaller vendors haven’t earned your trust.

You need a trusted partner to help you find the stable stepping stones to traverse the new ecosystem and pivot when needed, without incurring massive expense.

That’s where we come in.

“ASG is very responsive and extremely proactive”

“ASG is very responsive and extremely proactive about getting information to me. I’ve worked with other companies in the past—some have been pushy trying to make the deal, close the sale—sometimes stuck on wanting to sell you a certain technology.

ASG never pushes one technology, they listen well to what my problem is and make recommendations based on solving my problem, not pushing a specific vendor solution. I’m extremely happy with them. I’ve never had to wonder—with ASG, I know.”

Bryan Wilkins, Systems Engineer

"The ASG team helps me focus on the future"

“The ASG team helps me focus on the future and add more value to the enterprise. They just recently introduced me to a new product that’s a perfect fit for my environment and helps me streamline my administration, disaster recovery, and cloud integration. This year I will decommission over 35 servers and reduce my operational costs.

We have been working together for over 15 years now, and they have really helped me be successful. Their teams really are something, always there with the answers.”

Bill Cross, Senior Systems Engineer

"We turn to ASG when we need pre-planning insight"

“We turn to ASG when we need pre-planning insight into current technology and the solutions available for our needs. We get solutions that work exactly as anticipated. I’ve had so many experiences where they’ve pulled me out of harm’s way – I vouch them 100%.”

Kevin Palmer, Senior Systems Engineer

"We always feel taken care of by ASG"

“We always feel taken care of by ASG, never pressured or sold. It’s more of a consultive nurturing. If we make a decision, we’re going to work with it a long time. They’re really smart people who we see as our trusted advisors. This is one of those business relationships where we genuinely like the people at ASG—they mesh with who we are.

I know for the smaller guy cost is always a big consideration, but I think you have to factor in the value of having somebody present you with options instead of having to know what you want or need. We can go in with our problem and trust they’ll provide us with viable options.”

Kevin Johnson, President/CEO

"ASG has deep industry knowledge"

“ASG has deep industry knowledge. Their ability to listen and figure out what you need is invaluable, especially when you’re trying to solve a problem and have no idea what to do. They keep up to date on where the market is going and will steer you away from companies not performing well, and towards the ones that will benefit you most. They’re plugged in and great advocates.”

Tim Lewis, Director of Operations/Hosting Services

We’re experts at solving IT problems, integrating technologies, and designing hybrid cloud & software-defined data center solutions

Our top-tier engineers

Our top-tier engineers

are committed to continuous, vigorous research—they live right at the bleeding edge of emerging technologies

Our automation experts

Our automation experts

developed custom-coded enhancements to the ElasticStack in order to create an analytics based, predictive data center

Our workshops

Our workshops

help you discover and understand emerging technologies while providing a forum for discussion and planning

Decreased Costs, Increased Value

Specializing in bridging the old and new, we have the proven experience to deliver successful solutions, particularly with complex IT projects. We’ll help identify if, and where, you can transfer capital expenses into operating expenses.

You can count on us to be fully transparent—including telling you when the costs exceed the value you’ll realize.

Talk to us about how we can minimize costs and maximize your ROI and profitability by choosing the right technology to meet your current and future challenges.

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